Sunday, April 25, 2010

Standard 2 Artifact 2.5

Race the Wind-30 min guided reading

Materials: 5 copies of “Race the Wind” books

Computer with video of dogsledding pulled up

Also have map of Alaska pulled up


Have students look at the cover and explain that the story will be about dogsledding and a very famous dogsled race called the Junior Iditarod.

Have students preview the text so they can make predictions about what dogsledding is.

Use the pointing method to choose who reads first---use this method throughout the reading period. Each student will read 2 pages. At the end of a student’s turn we will stop and discuss. However, if a student has questions they can always stick up a thumb and ask them.

Questions to ask students

Page 1-Why do you think people living in the Far North have to use dogsleds to get around?

Page 2-Stop and have students look at the diagram on page 8 to illustrate what the text is talking about

Page 4-Do what the mushers wear sound like something you wear? When would you wear clothing like that?

Page 6-What part of the boot is the sole?

Page 7-Why are snowshoes necessary?

Page 8-Stop and have students look at a map of Alaska to see the route

Page 11-Why do the dogs need to train for the race? Can you think of things that people need to train for?

At the end of page 11 have students stop. Play video of dogsledding for them and have them compare the picture on page 8 with what they are seeing. Tell them we will finish the story tomorrow and then dismiss them to their seats.

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